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VMR Canada Data Services

VMR is a leading provider of used car and truck values in the U.S. and Canada.  Our used vehicle data is utilized in valuation systems, VIN solutions, market research, litigation, charities, and residual value projections. For over 30 years, our U.S. and Canadian datasets have delivered the models, equipment, and accurate values reflective of each market.

Curated, Not Just Compiled

With today's technology, collecting and amassing large amounts of data is not terribly difficult.  It's what you do with it that ultimately determines the accuracy and usefulness of any dataset.  Our data is collected on a daily basis, normalized, and then run through a proprietary system that prepares the data for analysis.  VMR's proprietary methodology and algorithms output model specific value reports based on specific criteria.  Finally, analysts with expertise in market behavior and the effect of new and changing technology pour through all of this and make a final call on every model.

Not Real-Time, Real-Values

Over the last decade, valuing vehicles has become markedly more sophisticated.  Both the volume and granularity of the data used has increased.  One recent trend, "Real-Time" valuation (mostly near real-time, actually), constantly monitors transactions from various sources and populates valuation databases with transactional data as it happens.  The downside is that primary source data is somewhat limited compared to a whole market approach, and the source itself may not fit in well with the objective of finding accurate car and truck values. We look at this as just one tool in the valuation toolbox.  It's useful alongside other methodology, but not reliable enough on its own.  We have learned that spending a bit more time with the data delivers a stronger, fuller and more accurate assessment of the market.

Other Factors Considered:

New car inventory levels
New car incentives
Fuel costs
Economic indexes
Relative worth time series data between models
Inter-country value correlation between similar models

We no longer include dealer reported transactions, either directly or through a third party. We believe that as whole, this data has a tendency to overstate retail value. Often, these reported sales prices include add-ons such as dealer accessories, services, and other charges that can skew values high. Those "Fair Deals" based on what "people actually paid" at a dealership may not be particularly fair at all.

What We Can Do For You

We focus on the assembly and compilation of automotive valuation data. All data are delivered as ascii delimited files ready for easy integration into your own systems.  Licenses are available for these datasets:

Late Model: Last 15 years, currently 2007-2021
Older Used: currently 1984-2006
Exotic/Limited Production: 1991-2021
Post War Collector: 1946-1983
Pre War Classic: 1910-1942

Current, Annual with updates, historical, and Point-in-Time datasets are available