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2017 Toyota YARIS FWD/1.5L-I4 (106hp)

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Trim Wholesale Retail Future Value
CE 2dr Hbk 8350 10525   FV Projected Retail Value
CE 2dr Hbk

1-year:   $9250
3-years:  $6200
5-years:  $4100
LE 4dr Hbk 8925 11125   FV Projected Retail Value
LE 4dr Hbk

1-year:   $9800
3-years:  $6575
5-years:  $4350
SE 4dr Hbk 9825 12100   FV Projected Retail Value
SE 4dr Hbk

1-year:   $10650
3-years:  $7150
5-years:  $4725
Base 4dr Sdn 9400 11650   FV Projected Retail Value
Base 4dr Sdn

1-year:   $10250
3-years:  $6875
5-years:  $4550
Premium 4dr Sdn 11325 13700   FV Projected Retail Value
Premium 4dr Sdn

1-year:   $12050
3-years:  $8075
5-years:  $5350
Manual trans 575 575



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