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1989 Ford MUSTANG   RWD/5.0L-V8 (225hp)
Trim Fair Clean Exc
GT 5.0L 2dr Cnv 51751120017125
GT 5.0L 2dr Hbk 45251010015500
LX (4cyl) 2dr Cnv 222547507575
LX 5.0L 2dr Cnv 47251045016050
LX (4cyl) 2dr Cpe 232549257825
LX 5.0L 2dr Cpe 53501145017475
LX (4cyl) 2dr Hbk 155037756125
LX 5.0L 2dr Hbk 4375962514825

Adjustments (unless listed above)

No air conditioning - $150
Power sunroof or T-tops + $125
4-wheel/all-wheel drive + $225

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