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1984 Ford ESCORT   FWD/1.6L-I4
Trim Fair Clean Exc
Base 4dr Hbk 62519253400
Base 2dr Hbk 62519253400
EXP Base 2dr Cpe 62519253400
EXP Luxury 2dr Cpe 62519253400
EXP Turbo (5M) 2dr Cpe 62519253400
GL 4dr Hbk 62519253400
GL 4dr Wgn 62519503475
GL 2dr Hbk 62519253400
GT (5M) 2dr Hbk 120029254875
GT Turbo (5M) 2dr Hbk 127531005100
L 4dr Hbk 62519253400
L 4dr Wgn 62519503475
L 2dr Hbk 62519253400
LX 4dr Hbk 62519253400
LX 4dr Wgn 62519503475

Adjustments (unless listed above)

No air conditioning - $150
Power sunroof or T-tops + $125
4-wheel/all-wheel drive + $225

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