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Save Big on Your Auto Insurance

Increased competition means falling automobile insurance rates for many in Canada. While rates can vary widely between individuals, vehicles and insurance providers, we've investigated many of the options available and have found a way for you to quickly shop auto insurance. You'll receive multiple quotes from some of the most reliable insurance companies in Canada -- and be astonished by how much you can save each year.

Insurance Companies Want to Compete for Your Business -- So Let Them!

Of the comparison sites we investigated, we chose to partner with LowestRates.ca. With a large insurance network ready to offer you their best deals, it will only take a few minutes to access the best rates available to you.

This is a free service for vmrcanada.com users and you are under no obligation to choose a plan after receiving your low cost insurance options. Like you, we can find a lot of things we'd rather do with our money than pay for high cost insurance.