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Where do you get your pricing data? VMR's pricing data is compiled from several different sources.   Auction results, our exclusive Value-TrackĀ® database, actual sale reports from our helpline, government data, and new car inventory levels and incentives are included in our pricing model.

Why do your values differ from what the dealer is asking? VMR compiles actual market data.  We have no agenda and publish numbers the way they really are, not how some guide, organization or dealer thinks they should be.  

Do I still have to add for equipment in the Truck Equipment Table if it was standard on the Trim? If the equipment is not listed in the Add section, yes. The pricing reflects adjustments for the trim levels and eqipment packages with this equipment removed. You do not need to know if the item was in a particular package -- if the equipment is on the vehicle, make the adjustment based on the displayed table.

The dealer tells me that your prices are national, and that pricing is higher in our region. Unlike the United States, in Canada this can often be true.  This is due to the vast geographic area Canada encompasses, the relatively low population that is mostly concentrated in a few areas, and the different environmental demands on vehicles in different parts of the country.  We do offer a Region Adjustment Table that is accessible from each price page, but consider this as a guide and not absolute.  We sometimes see substantial  deviations from our averaged values for different models, particularly in remote areas.